Wire crocheted beads

Бусины связаные из проволокиearrings made with a wire crocheted beads

Handmade jewelry is alsways attracts attention ,especially if it is a unique one and carries your own personal touch. It'e  agreat fun to experiment with materials and techniques, just line in these beads that are crocheted from wire. The only thing you must know is the basic stitches - chain and double (single in american terms). And it takes about an hour to make fancy beads. In this tutorial we will use the following tools and materials:

busina wire 01

I've used the wire from a old powersuply compensator, and strung a random amount of seed beads
busina wire 02

Make a first slipstitch

busina wire 03

busina wire 04

and crochet 5 chains
busina wire 05
make a circle with a slipstitch into a first chain
busina wire 06
Start with 1 chain and a dc into a first chain. And now work in circle doing 2 dc (single crochet) into each chain. It might be very complicating for a beginning crocheter, but keep on trying. Randomly add beads into the work. 
busina wire 07

busina wire 08
Finish the row with a slipstitch, and continue the work, as bfore. At this stage it is hard to count the number of stitches, but keep on crocheting, just like you would do with a regular yarn. 
busina wire 09

busina wire 10

busina wire 11

busina wire 12

Once the crocheted bead cap is big enough, try to fit it onto the  acrylic bead, our aim is to make a wrapping for the bead
busina wire 13
Insert the bead and temporarily fix it with a wire
busina wire 14
Keep on working with crochet until the wrap is big enough to start decreasing, chrochet each 2 dcs together
busina wire 15

busina wire 16
Fix the spare ends and cut them off, insert the headpin
busina wire 17
Using pliers cut off an extra end of a head pin, make a loop with a help of a round nose pliers, attach earwire. The earings are ready

busina wire final

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