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Egg shaped soap with Decopage

мыло в форме яйца с декупажемDecoupage decorated egg shaped soap 

Making soap is a great fun for kids and grownups. And since the easter holidays are just around the corner, we are going to make a nice thematic soap. And the good point is that for this lesson you do not need to buy an expensive molds, just take a Kinder Joy package. And of course we can also decorate it using a decoupage napkin, to make it more festive. So we are starting our new tutorial on how to make an egg shaped soap with decoupage

To make this egg we will need the following:

White soap base or clear base  -  80 gr
tytanium dyoxide
soap molds;
bergamote essential oil;
ylang-ylang essential oil;
almond oil
decoupage paper
alcohol/ bubble removing spray.

I had a clear soap base so I had to use tytanium dyoxide to make it white. Melt the soap base in a microwave, and add just a pinch of tytanium dyoxide. Mix it with a small amount of liquid soap and add into the main container. Prepare the mold. As I mentioned before, I've used a Kinder Joy container. Grease the inner part and secure the half of the container in a jar

Into the soap base add ylang-ylang and bergamot oils, 2 drops of each essential oil is enought. Add 1 tea spoon of  almond oil

Pour the soap into the mold and sprinkle with a bubble removing spray. 

Once the soap hardens, place the mold into a freezer for a couple of minutes. This is required for easy removal without damaging the mold. Remove the soap, wash the mold and reheat remaining soap base. Prepare the mold again - grease and secure in a bigger container. 

Pour in the remiaing soap, sprinkle with alcohol both the new element and the first soap

Slowly and carefully place the first part of an soap egg into the mold, flat side down, so once the soap is hardens, we get a nice shaped egg. Let it to cool down completely and remove from the mold

Usind a knife, trim the hem, removing the extra soap. Now our soap looks like a real egg

Cut out the decorative elements from a decoupage paper, remove the white layesr, leaving only one with a picture

With the help of a watercolors brush apply a paper on a soap. Place a napkin on obtuse and acute end of the soap egg and apply a small amount of water with a brush. The soap itself will act as a glue, once it gets in contact with small amount of water, that is enought to make is adhesive, but not to melt

Be carefull with applying water, since the napkin can tear. Once paper applied, leave the soap to dry out completely.

Our easter soap egg is ready!

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