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Lily soap

lily shaped soapA soap with lily flower inside

I love soap making. Once you have played with molds, colors, scents and layers you end up with a desire to make something outstanding, like modelling from a soap. And it turns out that it is as easy as a play doh. And once we are ready for an experiment, let's make a soap with a lily inside. 

For this tutorial I had the following materals and tools:

  • clear and white soap base
  • red and blue coloring
  • perfume - I've used a geranium essential oil
  • peach oil
  • bath salt, glitters, oregano
  • oval soap mold
  • glass and a stick

liliya 01

Cut 15 gr of a white soap base into small pieces, place it in a glass and melt it in a microwave or a water bath. Once the soap is melted, add some glitter, stirr in and pour it on a table. Make sure that the surface is clean and does not contain any dust or crumbs on it. 
liliya 02

let the base to cool down just a little bit. It should still be warf and flexible for shaping. using a knife cut out the leaf and petals - 3 big petals and 3 smaller. the rest of a soap just cut in streight stripes.
liliya 03

remove the deails from a table and start to shape. The next step should be done really fast, before the soap gets cold and looses a flexibility
подробный мастеркласс по изготовлению лилии из мыла

Wind up the long stipes into swirls, petals and small leaves
liliya 05

Place swirls into the mold
liliya 06

Melt a clear soap base, add a small prop of blue and red coloring, stirr in. Add the base oil and essential oil, stirr 
liliya 07

Pour in the mix into the mold, make sure that swirls are not shifted
liliya 08

Add a bath salt and using a stick plunge the big pieces of salt into the soap
Засыпаем соль для ванны и топим кусочки, которые еще не упали на дно формочки с помощью стеклянной палочки.
liliya 09

now it is time to shape a flower. Place the big petals, plunging their tips into soap, that is still jelly-like. Add the medium size petals. the small petals are placed around the main flower. Place come bath salt into a flower center as a pistil. 
liliya 10

Using the glass with colored base leftovers, add some clear base and melt it. We now have an azure colored soap
liliya 11

Fill in the space in a mold with this soap, making sure that petals and salt are intact. Leave to cool down for an hour, or 20 minutes in a fridge.
liliya 12

That is how the soap looks from the bac side
liliya 13

liliya 14 

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