Soap making

A soap with Teddy

Мыло с мишкойTwo layered soap with a toy Teddy inside

Teaching kids a hygene is a tough task, but I know the perfect way to train them washing hands without remindings.All you have to do is to make a funny soap that has a little surprize inside. Just add a little teddy into your hand-made soap and that's it!!! Your child will be very interrested to get the toy out from it's soap captivity, at the same time training itself to wash hands

For this tutorial you will need:

  • srystal clear SLS-free soap base 
  • white SLS-free base
  • soap mold
  • Teddy-shaped eraser
  • red dry coloring
  • Tutty-Frutty perfume
  • alcohol-containing bubble remover liquid
  • forms to melt soap base
  • disposable tea spoons or a glass stick

mylo s mishkoy 01

First we have to prepare all our ingredients. Cut the clear soap base into small cubes.  My mold has a convex bottom, so I had to fix the mold in a holder or use any matching size container

mylo s mishkoy 02

Place a clear soap base into a heat-resistant container and microwave it until melted, but do not overheat it, otherwise you'll get a soap vulcano in your cooker. Add 4-5 drops of a perfume and stirr the soap. You can also use essential oils, but have to be careful with a choise, since we are making a soap for sensitive children's skin. Choose something neutral, like cammomile oil
mylo s mishkoy 03

Since the main part of the soap is undyed, make a bubble effect - stir in the soap to bake bubbles and pour in the soap into mold. You can allso add glitter
mylo s mishkoy 04

Sprinkle the toy with a bubble remover and carefully place it inside the mold
mylo s mishkoy 05

Help yourself with a spoon, do not use your fingers, since the soap may still be hot. Leave it to cool down for 4 minutes
mylo s mishkoy 06

For adding a second layer of soap, melt some white soap base. Dissolve a coloring pigment in a small amount of glycerine or alcohol. Add the coloring into soap base
mylo s mishkoy 07

mylo s mishkoy 08

Stirr in the dye, you may add some odouring too. Make some scratches over the clear base and sprinkle it with alcohol, and pour in the colored soap over it
mylo s mishkoy 09

Sprinkle with a bubble remover and leave to cool down for an hour
mylo s mishkoy 10

Remove the soap 

mylo s mishkoy final

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