Soap making

Snowflake Soap

Snowflake soap. 
We start a special hand-made advent calendar with a beautiful soap made in a snowflake shape.
This whould be a great present, that won't take too much time and efford, but added to a main present will please your friends and relatives. 
We will need the following:
glycerine transparent soap base
white soap base
snowflake-shaped mold
blue pearl pigment
liquiq blue pigment
almond oil
"Sea breeze" scent
spyrit or vodka to remove bubbles
Cut some transparent soap base into small pieces for the first layer, 20 gramms would be more than enought, place it in a heat resistant cup and melt it in a microwave

Add 1/4 of tea-spoon of a blue pearl pigment and mix carefuly, avoiding lumps and bubbles. Remember this is liquid soap and it gets bubbly very easily

Pour the dyed soap into a mold, sprinkle the top with a alcohol and leave to cool down for 40 minutes
The next layer will consist of a white base, so gain we melt another 20 gramms of it
This part of a soap can be enriched with almond oil, just add 5-6 drops for the perfect moisturising effect. 
Use a Sea beeze scent to give a fresh winter smell, just add 2-3 drops of essence and mix
Pour the mix over the first layer, sprinkle with a bubble remover and leave to cool down
To make twirls, that will imitate the frost flowers, grate some white base on a grater
Carefully roll them into small spirals 
Place twirls over the soap surface in a random order
For the last layer use a transparent soap base, add some almond oil and blue liquid pigment
sprinkle white layer and twirls with bubble removing liquid
And very carefully add the last layer of soap until it fills the whole mold. Again sprinkle it to remove air from surface and leave it to cool down for at last 60 minutes
Once soap is cold enought to be rmoved, flip over the shape carefully and remove soap by gently pushing the mold in the middle. Wrap up into paper of cling film. The snowflake soap is ready
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