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Pineapple chunks soap

Hand made Pineapple soap

I'm really glad to announce that I have a new crafter on, her name is Natalia Luzina, and her speciality is handmade soap that look like cakes. 

And today she is presenting her soap, that looks like a dessert with a bit of cream and real-looking pineapple pieces:

As usual we start with two types of soap base - clear and white. I use English base, which is SLS-free, this will guarantee that soap will not dry out your skin. For the pineapple chunks we will need 50 gramms of clear soap base, silicone mold, pineapple fragrance, coloring agent, a glass and a microwave. Also we will need an alcohol spray to remove bubbles.

Cut the base into small pieces and melt it in a microwave. Do not boil it,  recomend you to set oven to 10 seconds and repeate the cycle couple of times, until our soap is melted completely. Add one drop of a coloring and two drops oa pineapple fragrance

Pour luquid soap into a mold and set it aside to cool, while we will be working on the rest elements

For the next step we will need about 70 gramms of white base and 30 of a clear, yellow dye, pineapple fragrance, a bit of olive oil, mold or a flat container for our future soap

Melt 25 gramms of white base and add a yellow dye, couple of drops of fragrance and stir. Pour the mix into a mold, sprinkle with alcohol and let it cool down

The next layer will consist of 25 gramms of white base and two drops of olive oil. Do not exceed with oil, since it may stand out on the surface of the finished soap. Add a hint of pineapple smell. Make sure that the first layer is olready solid enough and will not melt, sprinkle with anti-bubble spray, and pour the white layer

And while this new layer is cooling out, we can start making a third one. Mix 10 gramms of white and 20 gramms of clear base, melt and mix. And as with other parts of our soap, adding color and fragrance. Mix it and add to the topd of the white layer. Do not forget about bubbles!! We can already see the layers!

Now mix all the soap base that we have left, both white and clear, melt it and add a odour. Now it is time to get back to our pineapple chunks. Remove them from a mold and keep thes aside. We will be usin it in the next step.

Pour the rest of the soap into our container, spray with alcohol, Do not worry if the soap will be "running out" we will cut the exceed later on

Place "pineapple chuncks" on the top

I had some white base left, so I added brown coloring agent, mixed it thouroughly

and once the soap was cold and solid enough, applied a trickle over 

Let the soap harden completely, remove it from the mold and cut the excesive soap from edges.

Our soap that looks and smells like a pineapple cake is ready!!

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