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Marshmallow shaped handmade soap

marshmallow shaped handmade soapMarshmallow or a soap???


Delicate, airy, sweet, fragrant and it's all about our favorite marshmallow. I could not believe my eyes when I saw marshmallow-shaped mold! Because we are accustomed to eat, but how about take it into the bath and to gladden the body of this sweetness? Are you ready to make a soap in the shape of the marshmallow? Here we go then! You'll need the following ingredients:

White soap base 50 g
Red pearl power
Jojoba oil
Strawberry Flavour
marshmallow shape mold
a cup and a spoon to mix liquid soap
A bit of any food oil


Cut a soap base into small cubes and melt it in a microwave for about 30 seconds

Dissolve the red pearl pouder in a spoonful of vodka, add into the melted soap base and mix throughly as follow. Stir powder in vodka with a toothpick, so that the the pearl powder does not clot. In my case I had some of them not disolved properly, but it gave some extra glitter in a final step. Since we use a white base, the soap willl not be red, but a tasty pink color with a touch of a real glossy surface.

Pour the contents of the spoon in the soap base, drip 5-7 drops of jojoba oil and the same amount of flavoring Strawberry.

Since the mold has an uneven bottom, you need to build a structure for its streight support. You can use anu two identical stable object, such as matchboxes, deep dish and t.d. Cover the inner surface of a mold with oil, this will ease removing soap once finished. Fix the mold on it and pour the soap mix

Sprinkle the surface with alcohol in order to remove any unwanted soap bubbles.

Now we have to wait for 30 minutes, till the soap hardens. You can place it in a fridge.

The perfect marshmallow for your body is ready. Just make sure that babies and children do not confused the soap with a real sweetness!

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