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Heart shaped soap for Valentine's day

Valentine soap

I've already prepared a present for my husband for the Valentine's day, but there are many other people, who'd appreciate a small sign of care and attention - mother and mother-in-law, father, kids, close friends. I think they all will be excited to get a great present for this special day - a whole set of heart shaped hand made soap with their favourite fragrances. It does not take too much time to make these little soaps, but it is great for bonding a family relationship. Shall we start?
We will need the following to create a festive mood for our friends:

heart shaped sylicone molds

  • heat-proof glass and a glass stick
  • different types of fragrances of your choice - I've used strawerry, banana and coffee
  • transparent and white soap base
  • soap colouring
  • eye dropper for measuring fragrance and colouring

Cut the transparent soap base into small cumes and set it in a glass to a waterbath. You can fill any type of a pot with water just enough for a glass to be covered in half and place a glass into water until soap is completely melted. Make sure that water does not get into a glass. Add two drops of yellow coloring and one drop of a fragrance. I've used a banana. Stir thoroughly and pour into molds, covering only half of a space in each slot

Leave it to cool down and harden. While this layer is setting to the right condition, prepare a second layer. Melt a white soap base and add red colouring and strawberry fragrance to one part. Pour it over the soap that is already cooled down in molds

Prepare another portion of white soap base and add brown color and coffee fragrance. Pour it in another set of molds

Sprinkle with spirit to remove bubbles on the surface. Set the soap to dry and cool down for at least 24 hour, before removing it. Now you can place these lovely hand-made soaps into sachets and give them to your friends and relatives

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