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A Christmas trees soap

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Master class on making soap "A Two lavender Christmas trees."I'm interested in soapmaking for a very long time. And I  always do a lot of pretty soap designs, especially on the holiday eves. And so this time I try to make a soap that is an extraordinary and different from others. Here on the eve of the upcoming holiday season I made a soap that called  "A two Christmas trees." Needless to say, what is original in form, content creation, and the smell will be appreciated by your friends? Do you have a queue of relatives and friends still desperate for your New Year's gifts? Then you make a beautiful and thematic soap with your hands, just as I did in this instruction.
Here is what we need:

  • Two colors of a soap base, I've used an opaque white and clear with olive oil. Both are made in UK.
  • soap colouring - red and greencosmetic oils: avocado,jojoba and grape seed oil
  • Vitamins A and E in oil solutions
  • Lavender Perfume

All that is necessary for soap making can be purchased on the internet, in shops and pharmacies. I'm just so doing, which is very convenient. Typically, in online stores have very large assortment of products for soap making.

Take a white soap base and cup into small cubes. This will help it to melt faster. Heat it in a waterbath for about 15 minutes or until the base is completely melted.

Pour it in to a cup and add the cosmetic oils, lavender fragrance and a green colouring

Mix the base with additions and pour a small amount it into a mold. The layer should no be thicker than 5 mm. This time I did not need anything complicating, so the melted cheese container is a perfect deal. Just lubricate it with any vegetable oil. Leave the mold with a soap to cool down. Once the soap is hardened, remove it from a container

Using a pine-shaped cookie cutter cut out the tree shape 

In a separate cup melt a small amount of clear base. Add the same ingredients as for the green tree, but use a red dye, just a tiny drop of it. Stir thouroughly and pour in to a flat surface, covered with oil.

Make another christmas tree shaped slice of a soap


Once again melt the transparent soap base, add cosmetics and essentials oil, perfume. Pour it into a cheese mold, and leave to to cool down completely. Once it's firm enough, remove it from a box. Now we can decorate our soap. melt a small amout of a clear base and while it is hot, use it as a glue to attach our trees to a clear brick. Use some some yellow dye and make small drops around trees, to imitate decoration and Christmas baloons. Here is what we get

You can use a white soap base instead of a clear yellow, to imitate snowflakes snow on the branches of trees and snowdrifts

My soap is ready. I really hope that my master class will help you in acquiring skill in the soapmaking.

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