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I've already made a few simple lessons on the soap making. We made candy and marshmallow shaped soap. And today we have a great program, we will grow a flowefrom a soap base. Yes!! The fance looking soap that will serve as a great gift, decorations in your bathroom or on the make-up table. We begin our master class in a "Flower" handmade soap

Here is what we need for today's lesson

  • A transparent soap base.
  • Basic fragrance oil such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn and others.
  • Oil-based A and E vitamins.
  • red, yellow and green soap coloring
  • A cup or any other pot to melt soap
  • any of your favourite  fragrance

Chop some of the base into small cubes and melt it in the water bath(place the utencil with soap into a pot with boiling water)

Pour some of the base into a cup, add a little bit of red colouring, 2 drops of essential oils, vitamins and do not forget to add 2-3 drops of your favourite fragrance. Stirr thoroughly

spread any food oil over a clean surface and pour our red liquit soap

Let it cool down just a little bit, so it becomes solid but yet flexible. Make a petal template and pressing it against of a soap cut out petals with a stationary knife

Remove the exccesive soap

While petals are still flexible, roll them between fingers so that they will have curves

Melt some more soap base, add just a touch of yellow colouring. Do not forget about oils, vitamins and fragrance. Mix it and place into a cup

Dip the base of a petal into a melted soap and shape a flower, adding petals one by one. Use 4 or 5 petals per each flower

Once the flower is completed, place it into a cup with melted soap and let lt cool down


Make leaves the same way as we did petals, but using a green coloring. Use a knife or a needle to draw veins of a leaf

Right now we have a following set - a flower in a "basket" a set of leaves and petal leftovers

use a petal leftovers to make stamens

Roll them into a tube and place inside of a flower, using melted soap base as a glue

Our handmade flower shaped soap is ready. You can also make some drops with a clear base to create a dew

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