Snowman from socks

Снеговик из детского носкаLittle snowman made from socks

 New year season gives grown-ups to return to childhood, where all dreams come true. And the usual sock can turn into a toy. Yes, we all heard about sock monkey, sock elephand and other sock-creatures. And today we are going to make a little snowman, Santa's helper

For this tutorial we will need 

  • toddler's socks in white and red colors
  • stuffing material
  • two tooth-picks
  • snowflake shaped bead
  • thin golden satin ribbon
  • cardboard christmas tree 
  • white feltcloth
  • white thread and needle
  • orange marker
  • black marker
  • scissors and glue

How to make a snowman from socks:

Take  white socks with a long shank part. I've used the ones from Mothercare or Gap, with a foldable ribbing. cut in in half just above the heel, just like shown on a picture. We will need only one part of it, the other can be used for some other toys

ded moroz2 01

take the top part and with a white thread tie in the cut with a running stitch
ded moroz2 02

fill in the hole and secure it
ded moroz2 03

Full the sock with a sintepon very solidly and sew in the opening. The body of a snowman is ready
ded moroz2 04

 Make a circle of a white feltcloth
ded moroz2 05

Sew it in, or glue it to the body, so that it covers the seam on one of the body sides
ded moroz2 06

For the Santa suit you need another sock, this time in red color and preferably the same size as a white one
ded moroz2 07

make the same cut as before
ded moroz2 08

make a neck with a thread. Tie it and secure the tread, Cut the excessive

ded moroz2 09

Put on the red sock on the snowman, placing the cut part towards the neck, Fold it to shape a collar
ded moroz2 10

Using a piece of sintepone and a glue, make a "fur" on a coat
ded moroz2 11

Take the toe part of a red sock and turn in inside-out. This is needed if you have any lables or slip-proof spots on it. We need plain red cap for the Santa's helper. ded moroz2 12

Tie the toe part with a red thread

ded moroz2 13

and make a ponpon with a sintepone or use any other ponpon of tha matching sizes
ded moroz2 14

Put the cap on a snowman and sew in for a better grip. Decorate with more "fur"

ded moroz2 15

For the magic staff, wrap a toothpick with a satin band. Glue in the beginning and the end of the band
ded moroz2 16

Attach a showflabe bead on top of a staff
ded moroz2 17

Glue in a Christmas tree toy and a magis staff to body 
ded moroz2 18

Make a nose using a second toothpick - cut the end and paint it with a marker
ded moroz2 19

Carefully glue it to snowman's face and let lt to dry out completely
ded moroz2 20

With a black marker draw eyes. Attach a band to a cap, if you want to hand the toy on a tree.
Snowman from socks is ready

как сделать снеговичка или деда мороза из носочков

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