Patchwork napkin

салфетка в технике петчворк"Rainbow" napkin

Almost any handicrafter has a bag full of cloth lefovers and trimmings, that a carefully hoarded just in case it might be needed in a new project. And today is the best day to give them a new life in a patchwork project. 

I've used patches of red, orange, yellow, green, light and dark blue and purple colors to match a rainbow. And I will also locate them in the same order. The napkin is made in a Crazy style, seing the elements directly to the base cloth. This technique is a perfect chance for a beginner patchworker

First we have to make the the base of a napkin and cut out a square from a plain calico

cut out the stripes of the colored patches. I start with a red one and cut it in a trapecia shape. attach it with a pin to the center of a square. Make sure that it's corners do not line up with the square corners

place an orange stripe face down and sew in, stepping about 1 cm from the edge

turn away the detail and press iron it

All the following details are applied the same way - place the face side down, stitch in 1 cm away from the edge, turn the new element to he right side and press iron it

apply new layers in a anti-clockwise direction 

Once the whole composition is done, steam iron it from the face side. Turn the work to the wrong side and cut out all the extra pieces that are sticking out of the base cloth

To finish the napkin, make the second square from colored calico for the back side of a napkin

Fix it with tailor pins

The edge can be overstitched with Bias binding or the seam piece of cloth, used in a napkin. Cut out the stripes with 4 cm wide - 1 cm for the hem, 1 cm for the seam on both sides. Sew in the opposite sides first. Cut the extras with the line of a napkin 

The other two sides are done the same way, but leave some extra pieces for sealing the corners

Steam iron it again and our napkin is ready. You can also add some lac trimming or any other charming details for your interior


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