Felt cat key-ring

брелок из фетра КотCat key-ring made of felt cloth

Felt coth is one of the fevourite craft materials for children and beginners. It is very easy to use, does not require additional trimming work over the edges and it have a huge variety of colors and thickness, that makes it ideal for creating small toys. And in this tutorial I'll show you how to make a key ring using felt. Apart form the cloth itself we will need a needle, clear thread, black thread, key-ring, scissors and sintepon for stuffing
brelok kotik 01

Make a template of your future cat, make two details of a body, one for tail, four paws and a red for hearts
brelok kotik 02

Using a black thread, embrioder muzzle with a back stitch. Use your imagination for the face express. Start embroidery with a nose, make a central stitch and make a shell for nose. The last stitch to be done across the top line of a nose
brelok kotik 03

Make eyesm mouth and whiskers
brelok kotik 04

Using a clear thread sew in a big heart to the front detail
brelok kotik 05

Add a tail and a small heart on the back side 
brelok kotik 06

Both parts are ready and we a re ready to sew both of them together. Using a clear thread, make a blanket stitch, sew in paws, placing two details inside a body, do a running stitch in both directions and continue with a blanket stitch on the outer edge of paws. Leave a small opening for stuffing the cat and once done , complete the sew
brelok kotik 07

Attach a key ring, fix the thread. The key ring felt cat is ready! It can make a great present for a cat lover, children or even for Valentine day!
brelok kotik 08
This Tutorial was done by Lilia Pervushina

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