Tilda sheep Curly

tilda doll shiip fridge magnetTilda sheep Curly

In a year of sheep the main element of a decour is, whithout any doubt is a sheep, the zodiac sign. And I had a little tilda sheep made for my friends. They love to collect all kind of fridge magnets and this was a great present for them
For this tutorial I've used the following materials and tools, so get them all ready to make a sheep fridge magnet

  • - unbleached calico
  • - acrylic pants
  • - gel ink pen
  • - instant coffee
  • - cocoa pouder
  • - cinnamon
  • - vanilla sugar
  • - PVA glue
  • - bruches and an old tooth brush
  • - magnet
  • - cardboard
  • - sewing machine and matching thread
  • - stuffing for toys
  • - hot glue gun

ovechka magnit 01

The size of a magnet is not too big, it will be about 9 cm long
Make a template on a cardboard  
ovechka magnit 02

fold the calico in two and place a template over it. Trace the pattern with a pen
ovechka magnit 03

Sew in the details, leaving an opening about an inch wide for stuffing. Cut out the detail, leaving about 5 mm allowances
ovechka magnit 04

Using triangle sawtooth scissors to work over the edge. Just be carefull and do not damage the seam
ovechka magnit 05

turn the toy on the right side
ovechka magnit 06

stuff the toy with a sintepon, use a pencil or scissors to fill in ears and legs
ovechka magnit 07

do not stuff the toy too hard, spread the filling evenly so that the surface of a toy will have a smooth surface, after we bake the toy
Sew in the opening and attach a thread to the head. We will need this thread to fix a sheep in the oven
ovechka magnit 08

One interesting thing about this toy is that we are going to dye it with coffee and then bake it in an oven to fix the color. Make the coffye dye - mix half a tablespoon of instant coffee, half a teaspoon of cocoa and 70 ml of boiling water. Stir and add half a tea spoon of cinnamon, and vanilla sugar, half a tanle spoon of PVA glue. The mix will make just enough to paint about 15 toys.  mix it thouroughly and tstart painting out toy. Using a toothbrush apply the dye, avoinding soaking the filling.
ovechka magnit 09

tie in the future sheep figure to the oven's net, and dry it for about 10-15 minutes on a low heat. Make sure that the toy has dried completely
The dry toy has very hard surface and it s very easy to hand paint over it
ovechka magnit 10

Using a pencil, draw a muzzle and ears
ovechka magnit 11

using a white acrylic pain, draw curls over the sheep's body, leaving the muzzle, ears and legs intact. With a gel pen draw eyes
you can also add bows on ears to add more character to a toy, eyelashes, and curls over the white curls
ovechka magnit 12

Glue on a magnet on the back side, using a hot glue and the fridge magnet Curly sheep is ready
ovechka magnit 13

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