Tilda heart with irish lace element

serdce lace 12How to make a Tilda heart with an irish lace elements

 Are you planning to visit a birthday party or a Christmas dinner? Or redecorating your house in a country style? You are definitely need an interior doll like Tilda. And if you are beginner in sewing, then you can try to make a very simple heart and decorate it with a piece of irish crochet lace. You can use pieces of lace that have left in your granny suitcase or make one yourself. Since I have a plain linen cloth for the heart, I used a Wild rose  pattern from Maire Treanor's book, to decorate our element. You can also check my irish crochet lace website to find a suiting pattern. Note, that there are menu items for other patterns from Priscilla and Madame Hardouine step by stem instructions
And let's return to our decor. We will need the following materials and tools:

  • Lace floral element, made with size 60 thread
  • linen cloth
  • scissors streight and zigzag
  • needle and thread of the matcing colors
  • stuffing material (sintepon)
  • glass bead
  • narrow satin ribon

Print out and cut the pattern

Place a template on a cloth and thransfer it by leading out with a pen. Stepping aside 7-8 mm cut out two detail for the  heart

Place a lace flower on the front side of one of the panels and stitch it to a pattern with a backstitch

Place both parts of a pattern right side in and start sewing the details with a backstitch or on a machine. Leave the dotted line area open for a further stuffing
Work with a zigzag scissors of make small cuts over the round areas, but keep the cloth intact at the seam area. This is needed to keep the edge line smooth once the toy is stuffed
Turn the heart right side out and using a pen or a chopstick fix the heart's bottom and work over the rounded corners too. Steam iron the details but do not press iron it
Start filling the heart using a pen. Work with the farest ends first, spreading the stuffing evenly
Sew the opening with a runining stitch with a very small steps, fix the thread. Attach a satin ribbon on the center between the round edges and sew in the fancy bead on top
The interior decorative element is ready

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