Quilled easter egg

how to make a quilled easter eggQuilled Easter egg 

There is not that much time left till Easter and we are going to make some home decore. This time I will show how to make a quilled easter egg.  

To make a season's present we need the following tools and materials:

  • egg billet;
  • a set of quilling paper, 3 mm wide 15 cm long, and 5 thick wide and 50 cm long
  • yellow, blue and pink seed beads 
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue
  • a toothpick.
  • additionally - white acrylic paint

There is no need to buy expensive tools for this tutorial, all we need is just a toochpick

Take the egg billet. It can be a styrofoam or a wooden billet, but you can also make it from a papier mache. Also you can use a real egg, preferrably organic, since it's egg shell is much solid. In this case the egg should be treated to remove the inner part. Using an awl, make two holes on top and the bottonm of the egg, and carefully blow out the whites and yolk. Wash the shell with running water and let it to dry.
If you use a billet, cover it with white acrylic paing and let it to dry 
Now, once we have the egg ready, start making quilling elements. Using a toothpick, make a loose coil with a 3 mm wide pink paper. Coils we make should be 1 cm wide 
quilling egg 01

Glue in the free end of a paper pand and shape a teardrop, by pressing one sice of a coil together.
quilling egg 02

Glue in the teardrops on to an egg in a row to shape a ridge, make sure that you have equal amoun on each side
quilling egg 03

One one side of an egg place a flower shaped of a 6 blue drops and pink tight coil.
quilling egg 04

make six green marquis elements and place them next to a flower
quilling egg 05

Fill in the empty spaces with yellow drops 
quilling egg 06

Try to fit as many elements as possible, so there are no gaps between them
The other side of an egg will be decorated with a pink flower and blue center
quilling egg 07

Insert the leaves 
quilling egg 08

Fill in the free area with yellow elements. Set the eg to dry for an hour
String the 5 mm wide paper strip into the openings of the ridge
quilling egg 09

Glue in the free ends of a peach colored paper strip
quilling egg 10

Use seed beads to decorate the gaps between elements 
Set the egg to dry completely. Our quilled easter egg if ready.

quilling egg 11

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