Vintage Christmas card

открытка своими руками в винтажном стилеVintage style Christmas card

Makig a christmas present is not something very complicating and expensive. I'm pretty sure that everybody should know how to make a small greetings card. And that is what we are going to do on our third handicraft advent. 

Let's prepare all the necessities for the card:

  • double-sided colored cardboard A4 size - 2 sheets
  • a piece of  scrapbooking paper
  • Christmas vintage postcard
  • gold-cloth ribbon
  • faux pearl semi-beads;
  • cliche with a greeting sign and related image
  • double-sided tape;
  • figurine scissors or shaped punch for edges
  • Snow-flake shaped punch

How to make a vintage style Christmas card

The standard double colored cardbord comes in A4 size, and we should fold it to size A5. Fold and pinch the middle of a sheet on both sides and using a smooth side of scissors' blade make Biga ( Beigen ) line. Fold the card
vintajnaya otkrytka 01

On the front page:
Cut a rectangle with sides 13.8x15 cm and glue it to card 
vintajnaya otkrytka 02

I have a picture from a decoupage set, but you can use any vintage card with sides 7x9 cm. If you have an embossing set, it wil be a good idea to emboss the edges. Using a beige colored cardboard make a mount 2 cm bigger than our card. Using a figurine scissors or a punch work over the edges of mount and glue the card on it.
vintajnaya otkrytka 03

vintajnaya otkrytka 05

With the same scissors work the edge of a smaller piece of cardbord that we are going to decorate with a Greetings cliches. Also you can decorate it with a srapbook paper that matches the color of a main card but has some texture. 
vintajnaya otkrytka 04

Measure the gold-cloth ribbon to the exact size of our card, in my case it is 14.8 cm and attach it to the card with a double sided gule tape. 
vintajnaya otkrytka 07

Use a cliche to decorate the inner space of a card, add some paper snowflakes. On the front part add some pearl half-beads and a greeting sign
vintajnaya otkrytka 08

This card will show the recipient that you do care about him and made something really special
vintajnaya otkrytka 09


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