How to make paper pie box

How to make Beautiful paper pie box for all occasionsHow to make a beautiful paper pie box"

 17th of december is the time to start packing up your crafts for Christmas and all we need as a beautiful paper pie box that we will decorate with glittering stars. You can pack small items like jewelry in it, add some personal touches with ink stamps and other decorating details
We will use the following materials and tools:

• A4 red double sided cardboard
• satin or lurex silver tape band
• star hole-puncher
• holographic paper;
• a ruler
• a pencil 
• a paper knife
• scissors
• divider;
• eraser
• a glue gun or a double sided scotch paper.

We start with a box template. Draw a rectangle with the size of 10x20 cm (4x8 inches) Divide them into two squares. Now the top and the bottom lines of each square divide by 2, measure 2 cm on both sides of a line and draw a perpendicular line(4 cm). Make the outer perpendicular line on the right side of a rectangle. Using a divider, draw an arc as shown on picture, from one corner of a square to another and topping the perpendicular. Make 9 arches as shown on a template. From the left side draw a locking tab and a line for in on the right side

korobochka pirojok 01

 Cut out the template. Erase the perpendiculars and the horizontal lines

korobochka pirojok 02

To fold the box we need to make Biga ( Beigen ) lines. Using a ruler and the blunt edge of scissors press the folding lines. 
korobochka pirojok 03

With a paper knife cut the slot for the locking tab
korobochka pirojok 04

Make the Biga lines on the locker tab too, making them evenly at the 3 mm distance 
korobochka pirojok 05

Erase all the lines. Now carefuly fold the box on the Biga lines, place the lock tab into the slot
paper pie box

Carefully fold the sides of a box. It will shape the requires pillow of a pie shape
korobochka pirojok 07

Unfold the sides and on the outer layer punch holes with a star puncher
korobochka pirojok 08

Now you can place your present into a box and seal it. Fold the box back and place a silver tape through the holes and tie a bow

Make stars from a holographic paper and attach it to a box using either a hot glue gun or a double sided scotch tape
making a present box

It took us about 20 minutes to make this elegant present box for you present. 

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