A "Kiwi" earrings - quilling

quilled Kiwi shaped earrings

A kiwi earrings set

Quilling is a relatively new type of handicrafts, but it becomes more and more popular. If you have a spare 20 minutes, you can easily make a pair of earrings, from paper. All that you need to make a fancy Kiwi earrings is following:

  • PVA glue (that white glue, that you were using in school)
  • an awl or a toothpick
  • Quilling paper - 3 millimeters wide - in black, light-green and dark green
  • black felt-tip pen
  • fish-hook earwire and jump-rings
  • acrylic gloss varnish
We will start from the center of our "fruits". Take a light green paper and start spinning in on the awl. We will need a  strip of paper, about 30 inches long. Hold one end of a paper agains the awl and start spinning. Make two tight rolls like shown on picture

We will need 4 stripes for each earring. Attach a new one by gluing it with a polyvynil acetate glue (PVA) to the free end of a previuos tape

We'll end up with a roll like that - two light greens in the middle, and dark ones on the edge.

Attach a black stripe, it has to be about 15 inches long and keep spinning

Make small rings from a black tape. Make a hole in the middle bigger than we did for the green parts

Glue them to the top of the "fruity" part, hiding the end of the last stripe

Using a felt-tip pen, draw seeds randomly on both sides. Once our painting dries out, cover the whole construction with varnish thoroughly and leave it to dry

Using jump rings attach earwire. Our fancy earrings are ready to wear!

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