How to knit a ruffled yarn

Knitting a ruffled yarnThis fall many yarn brands have represented a new type of yarn with ruffles. In our LYS it is Alize Dantela, but others have similar look such as Flamenco Yarnart or spanish Triana from Katia. Since this yarn has unusual look, many knitters ask, how to knit with Dantela, Flamenco or Triana. The yarn looks really funny - wide lasy band, fully opened it is 4 inched wide!

Honestly, I worked a lot with another yarn fluffy yarn Fir-Fir from Alize, but the novelty does look strange. The fact that earlier versions of ruffled yarn, you had to stick the needle right into the ribbon and now everything is easy - the main thing is to keep the loop count.
Shall we start knitting a new fancy scarf? For this lesson I've used 5 mm needled and one skein of Alize Dantela. Manufacturer promiced 1 scarf out of 1 skein, and as a result I've got a six-foot scarf and still had a few meters of yarn left.


 A Dantela yarn looks like a ribbon with a fluffy edge made of polyamide. When stretched we get a whole broad lacy band, with an imitation of a fillet mesh, and wide loops on the edge. We'll use these loops to knit

I usually fold the beginning of the band, inserting knitting needle into first and second loops. This will keep an edge nice and tidy, keeping the cut edge inside of a scarf. In the next row knit these two together.

Stretch the band and insert a needle into the next third loop of a ribbon

The instructions recomend to cast on from two up to six loops, so I decided to use a golden ratio - casted on 4 stitches. Right now we have 4 stitches + 1 extra that we have casted with the first stitch

Turn the work and knit every third loop on the ribbon. 

Knit into each stitch on the needle, even the edge stitches. 

The last stitch with two loops are knitted together, this way we fix the edge. Knit the whole scarf the same way.

To bind off knit the first and second stitch

and pull the second stitch through the first. Bind off the rest the same way

At the last stitch, cut the ribbon lace Dantela at a distance of about 10-15 cm from the last loop

Pull the the tail through the loop

And tie up 

Weave the end between the bind off stitches and sew the end with a needle and thread with matching color

And here is the final - the scarf from Dantela

Scarf with Dantela


Anita Agnemyr

Anita Agnemyr

I would be so happy if you can inform me where I can buy this yarn online? I am interested in many different colors?


Anita. Unfortunately I do not know any shops in Norway, but you can check and buy Alize Dantela online with other european shops, like this one in Lithuania _http://www.biv -yarns-for-scar ves/alize-dante la-26/en/


Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

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