Knitted cap from Barbados yarn

Knitted cap from Barbados yarnKnitted cap from Barbados yarn

Barbados Alize yarn is widely used by many craftswomen; it can be felted into beautiful accessories or knitted to create unique sweaters and scarves. This yarn is characterized by its uneven thickness when a thin piece of yarn is followed by a thick one (up to 10 mm). As per manufacturer's advice, needles N10 are the best to knit Barbados yarn, so that the thick sections don't look too tight and the thin sections make a nice looking gossamer web. When knitted, Barbados yarn is often arranged in a chess-board fashion, squares of thick sections alternate with gossamer squares. That's why this yarn is one of the best choices to knit a gorgeous winter scarf. In this tutorial we'll use Barbados yarn to knit not a scarf but a warm winter cap.

You will need:

• Multi-colored Barbados yarn – 30 g
• Wool yarn, lilac color – 100 g
• Multi-colored half-wool yarn – 20 g
• Needles No 6
• Crochet hook No 3,5
• Scissors

Despite the manufacturer’s advice we’ll use 6 mm needles and not 10 mm; so that the knitted fabric will be thicker and gossamer sections will not let us feel cold. To start cast on 73 stitches.

Slip the first stitch to the right needle and knit the second stitch.

Purl the third stitch. Repeat knit and purl stitches through the end of the row. Purl the last stitch of the row to make neat end.

Go on knitting using a chart of a simple 1 x 1 rib. Knit above the knit stitch and purl above the purl stitch.  When the knitted fabric reaches 5 cm you’ll see that Barbados rib is not like usual one. Tight sections are made by thick yarn and gossamer sections are made by thin yarn.  Altogether we’ll have four tight sections – two in the center and two at the sides of the fabric. Central sections will be at the forehead and side sections above the ears, so that they will not freeze even during severe frost. Keep also in mind that Barbados yarn is 100% wool.

When the Barbados fabric reaches 5 cm join the lilac wool yarn. Knit with 2 strands of yarn to make the fabric more even and the cap warmer.

To avoid biasing you can move the rib to one stitch. In first row knit the stitches above the purls and purl the stitches above the knits. Then you can return to knitting usual 1 x 1 rib – knits above the knits and purls above the purls.  Keep on knitting until lilac rib reaches 7 cm.

Now it’s time to round off the top of the cap, which means to decrease stitches. When 7 cm of lilac fabric are knitted, in the next row slip the first stitch to the right needle, knit and purl 7 stitches as usual (knits above the knits, purls above the purls), knit 8th and 9th stitches together and keep on knitting rib again (the pattern will be changed). Decrease after every 8 stitches of the row. Next 3 rows are just knitted as usual – simple rib.

In next row we decrease after every 7 stitches.  Next row knit rib again and the second row decrease after every 6 stitches. Next row knit rib again. When you decrease stitches this way the rib will turn into an interesting pattern.

Next row when the cap has reached the needed size we can finish our knitting. We’ll put together all the stitches on the needle to make the top of the cap. Slip three stitches to crochet hook No 3,5.

Pull the working yarn with the crochet hook through 3 stitches. Pull the yarn the same way through all the stitches at the needle. 

Take the needle off and all the stitches will be gathered on one strand.

Tighten the working yarn. It will gather all the fabric at the top of our cap. Fasten off the yarn but don’t cut it. 

Use the loose end of the yarn to join the sides of the cap at its back. Using the hook pull the yarn through the selvage stitches at both sides of the cap. At the end fasten off the yarn and cut it.

To make the cap look more accurate decorate it with the crocheted edging. Join multi-colored half-wool yarn at the lower edge of the cap (Barbados yarn) and work single crochets around the cap.

Make two rows of single crochets (double crochet in british terms). 

Now your warm Barbados knitted cap is ready and your ears will never freeze! 


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