How to join pompom yarn.

How to join pompom yarn.
When you knit pompom yarn you’ll have to join one or more balls even if you make just a scarf. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do it. 
There are no any problems if you knit one-color yarn. But when you knit multi colored pompom yarn you should first look for a matching section in a new skein that will follow the last pompom of the working yarn. Make sure that the colors match each other and there will be no mistakes in you pattern. 
Cut accurately the matching color section of the new yarn very close to a pompom, the end of yarn after a pompom should as long as possible. 
Yarn texture will not let us to join a new ball as usual by sewing two ends together, as I showed in previous tutorial for other kinds of yarn. So, we need to make a sailor’s knot right in the middle between two pompoms leaving enough space for stitches on both sides of the knot. 
Tighten the knot. 
Now you can return to your work. Leave the knot on any of the sides, the ends of the knot are too long to be knitted with the next stitch, we will weave them into the stitches later after the work is finished. 

Now, just to complete my series of tutorials for pompom yarn I’ll show how to cast off. Pull the selvage stitch out as much as possible until you reach a pompom. 

Knit the next stitch and pull it out again as much as possible. 
Lift the selvage stitch over the new stitch and pull it off the needle. 
You can knit two nearby stitches together but as I wanted to have waved edge, I closed every stitch separately. 
When the work is finished we should have a chain of closed stitches together with the curved fluffy “berries” (it was really a good idea for Yarnart to call this yarn “Mulberry”).
Tighten the last stitch as usual, pulling it over the end of the yarn with 4-6 pompoms and weave these pompoms into the last row making the knots now and then.  
Leave the loose end of the yarn as long as possible and crochet it into the knitted fabric. Here you can see the ends accurately woven into the knitted stitches. 



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