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Christmas tree from a thread

ёлочка из ниток своими рукамиHow to make a christmas tree from yarn

This year winter came a bit earlier than usual, and its hard to explain to small kids that it's not Christmas time yet, since they are already used to the fact, that first snow sets just the day before the Christmas eve. And so they request to have a tree in the house, even if it's just the fourth day of our handicraft advent. There is nothing I can do, but to make one myself. And since my yarn hoarding is tremendous, I can easily make something without rushing to the local yarn shop. And it also makes my dearest husband happy - one skein of yarn less from a stash.

It is very easy to make a Christmas tree from a lace thread, a bottle of PVA glue and a bit of swarovski stones. I just had some of the rhinestones left from the necklace I've made earlier last week. 
We wll need size 10 cotton thread in green color, you may choose something like Perle 8, Iris and Lily by Yarnart. Only these threads will keep the shape once a glue dries out 

Make a hole in a glue jar and pull the thread through it

Make a cone from paper or use a styrofoam cone

Wrap the mold with a cooking foil shiny side up. Make sure that only shiny side will be in contact with a tread, otherwise it will glue in to the future decoration

Start applying layers of thread in a random order over the cone, making sure that the thread is well moistured with glue. Do not pull the thread too tight. Once finished, set aside to a warp place for overnight to dry. Carefully remove the mold.

Glue in the rhinestones over the surface

Glue two big rhinestodes together and attach them to a top of a tree. 

Our glamour christmas tree is ready! 
PS. By the way, you can use a green half-hard wire to make this tree. In this case you can skip the messy PVA part and spin the wire directly to the cone

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