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Christmas tree from a spool

Елочка из атласных лентSatin band christmas tree

On the second day of our handicraft advent we are going to utilize a thread bobbin. I have plenty of them left from temari baubles, so its a good way to give a plastic cone a new life. And it also a great idea to spend some crafting time with kids. 

To start with this tutorial, we need the following tools and materials:

  • plastic cone from a sewing thread or styrofoam cone
  • 1 inch wide satin ribbon - approximately 2 meters
  • dark blue 1 cm wide sating ribbon - 2 inches
  • beads on a string
  • some faux pearl beads
  • sewing thread 
  • needle
  • hot glue gun
  • plastic "Merry Christmas" sign
  • scissors

elochka 01

Start with a foundation of a tree. As I mentioned before, this can be a spool from a industrial sewing thread cones, styrofoam cone. I've used a cone from stacking rings. 
Thread a needle and make a knot. Using a running stitch, slightly gather a wide ribbon
elochka 02

Gather a band
elochka 03

Using a hot glue gun, attach a band at the base of a cone
elochka 04

Combine the beginning and the end of a band and glue it toghether
elochka 05

Keep on gathering a ribbon and glue it on a cone 
elochka 06

Keep on covering the cone with a satin ribbon to the top of a cone
elochka 07
Secure the band ant the top of a cone and glue it together. Cut the band and fix the spare end in folds
elochka 08

Attach a bead string to the top and run it along the christmas tree
elochka 09

Make a bow from a thin band
elochka 10

Glue it to the top of a tree, also attach a white faux pearl bead
elochka 11
Glue in the beads on a tree, also attach a Christmas greetings sign
elochka final

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