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Felt photo frame

Рамка-магнит для фотографий своими рукамиPhoto frame made of felt fabric

Are your knds bored and mess around? I know what can make they interested!! Toys and other craft objects from a felt fabric is the best thing to offer. First of all, kids leard to make basic hand sewing stitches, they develope fine hand motor skills ,that in it's turn helps to develope their brain too! And as a result they get a toy that they can give as a present to grandmother too. And today we can make a photo frame using this tutorial. 

 We will need 

  • white thick felt fabric, about 3-4 mm
  • Anchore or DMC size 10 cotton crochet thread
  • heart shaped bead
  • Lace band 
  • braid
  • cardboard
  • PVA or a hot glue
  • scissors, ruler and a pencil
  • dressmaker pattern or any coin with 1.5-2 cm diameter
  • flat fridge magnet

ramka2 01

Now, once the required materials are in place, let's make the frame

I make a small frame, so I cut the square about 10x10 cm (4x4 inches) 

ramka2 02

Stepping 2-3 cm aside off the edge, make another square for the photo itself

ramka2 03

To make a nice round edge you can use a dressmaker's plastic templates, but the matching coin will do too. Place it on a corner and draw a smooth edge

ramka2 04

Cut the template out

ramka2 05

ramka2 06

In order to have a nice edge, use a size 10 crochet lace thread and starting from corner work with a whip stitch. To fix the beginning thread, sew the thick felt through, so that the spare end is hidden inside, then you just work your stitches over the same place

ramka2 07

Work the edge and the inner space

ramka2 07

ramka2 09

For the decorations, sew in the braid band into the inner opening with an overcast stitch
ramka2 10

ramka2 11

Make a bow with a lace band
ramka2 12

And then sew in a heart shaped bead
ramka2 13

Sew in the bow to the frame
To make the back side of a photo frame, it should be 1-2 cm smaller than our decorative part of a frame. Using the photo below, measure and cut the background from a cardboard 

ramka2 15

Cut it out
ramka2 16

Using a hot glue gun, attach the cardboard detail, applying glue only to the vertical sides and the horizontal parts of a bottom. The top part remains unglues, for the photo purpose

ramka2 17

Attach a fridge magnet

ramka2 18

The photo frame is ready

ramka2 final2

ramka2 final1

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