Crafting with kids

Painting kid's t-shirts

Painting on kid's t-shirts

T-shirt is the most genious invention of the 20th century, and any mother of two kids will agree with me. They are the most popular clothes in kid's wardrobe, they are cheap, easy to wash and comfortable to wear. And i you have a t-shirt with a picture of a favourite hero or animal, that makes children very happy.  You can buy it, but it is so ordinary and boring. The real crafter can spare time with more fun and benefits, making a t-shirt with kids. In this case it will not be one of a many, but very special for a child, once he paints it himself. We will need acrylic fabric paints, these are the speciat paints designed especially for clothes. Once they dry, they leave a nice thin rubber-like surface. And here is the list of what you need^

  • acrylic fabric paints;
  • a set of brushes with a cynthetic fiber;
  • paint thinner, usually it comes in a set of paints, but also sold separately;
  • carbon paper, white paper, pencil;
  • a white t-shirt;
  • a piece of fiberboard or a cardbord ;
  • thumbtacks

risunki na futbolkah 1

First of all, define the area, where we will have your drawing done. Spread it over the fiberboard and fix it with thumtacks.
risunki na futbolkah 2

make a sketch of our design on a white paper
risunki na futbolkah 3

place a carbon paper over the t-shirt and our drawing on top of it. Outline it with a pencil to transfer the picture on a fabric
risunki na futbolkah 4

Now we can start actual painting, I prefer to start with a big dog. With the thinnest brish and blue color, paint eyes
risunki na futbolkah 5

With the same thin brush draw a contour of a dog's body with a black paint
risunki na futbolkah 6

Mix the orange paint with a thinner n proportions 1 to 1, and paint the body, tryng not to get over the contour. We are using a thinner, so that the paint will be soaken better into the cloth.
risunki na futbolkah 7

Using acid green color make a collar and gold for a medallion
risunki na futbolkah 8

The same way work over the rest of the body
risunki na futbolkah 9

And paint it orange.
risunki na futbolkah 10

Now we are ready to begin with a second dog. He is done exaclty as his orange friend. Outine nose, eyebrows and eyes with a thin brush and black paint. Use blue color for eyes, white part and fangs are colored with a white paint. Outline the muzzle and the body. The second dog will be yellow, so mix the paint with a thinner just like we did for the orange one.
risunki na futbolkah 14

And paint it completely
risunki na futbolkah 15

With thin brush and black color draw fingers on paws
risunki na futbolkah 16

Using a pencil draw a bone. Mix yellowbone with a light yellor color. 
risunki na futbolkah 17

Leave the t-shirt to dry. Once the paints have dried out completely, remove the thumbtacks and steam-iron the picture from the wrong side of a t-shirt. This will consolidate the paints.

And as you can see yourself, there is nothing comlicating in decorating kid's t-shirts, and the whole process is so exciting for kids!
risunki na futbolkah itog2
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