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Little snakes from wire and yarn

The 2013 year is the year of a snake, and according to a traditional in our family we make small souveniers for our friends. This time I have a small tutorial from Snejana on how to make snakes from wire and yarn. It is a great idea to make them with  kids, they will love the whole process

We will need the following materials: yarn of different ply and color, 1-1.5 mm dead hard copper wire, clothe leftovers, small piece of yellow and red fliece, google eyes 

zmeyki 01

To start with our project, cut approximately 10 inches of wire and shape a loop to make a head

zmeyki 02

Wrap up the body of a snake with pieces of cloth, this is necessarily to save yarn 

zmeyki 03

Now it is time for the thread, apply two-three layers of dark yarn by spinning it over the snake's future body. Now we can shape it 

zmeyki 04

To make snake more real, add a bit of a green yarn, but let the previous layer see through

zmeyki 05

Now moving to a body, cut out of a yellow fleece the following shapes. 

zmeyki 06

the longest detail should be 4 inches long, and the width 1 inch. Sew them  as shown on a picture

zmeyki 07

Fill up a head with a hollowfiber, and wear it on the wire loop

zmeyki 08

Using a main color thread and wrap it around snake's head to fix it zmeyki 09

Cut a tongue out of a red fliece 

zmeyki 10

Attach google eyes on a head and sew in a tongue in a mouth of a toy. Using a charcoal or a gray pen to draw nosestils

zmeyki 11

zmeyki 12

Snejana made two bewutiful girl-snakes and attached bands on their heads

zmeyki final1

These snakes will make a great present for your friends.

zmeyki final2

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