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A paper angel

a paper angel
Do you believe in angels? I have never believed that they exist, more of this, I thought it was of all the nonsense and fantasy. But subsequent events of my life have forced me to take another look at it. I was walking as usual with the child, and had already gathered to cross the road to return home. At this point, I saw someone I knew with a corner of my eye. I've felt as if someone had pushed me towards that person, we's spent a couple of seconds to exchange a few words, and them I'heard a terrible screaming - a man was hit by a car right in the place where me and my child would be, if I didn't stop to chat. If not for this "push" this lesson of an angel of would not take a place. Once you start making an angel, you will notice wonderful changes in your life. There was a peace and happined in the house, whle I was making ths little figure. You can bring it to your family too by making this wonderful angel from a wrapping paper with your hands

In the previous lessons we made an angel from a polymer clay. And today, we will use a wire and paper. To create such a heavenly creation, you need:

  • Corrugated paper,
  • gliter (spreading) of gold color,
  • plastic or wooden bead diameter of 0.6 -0.7 mm
  • pretty solid wire(gause 16 or s, dead-hard)
  • Corrector
  • organza
  • ribbon width of 4 cm
  • acrylic paint gold and white colors
  • rhinestones

Cut a strip of paper with a width of 7 cm and 35-45 cm long, another strip should be 4.5 cm wide and 10 cm long. Cover edge of the paper with gold paint on 1 cm wide.

Twist the wire onto a shape of a human figure, attach a bead as a head. Cover the body and head with a mixture of white and gold paint, imitating a skin color. Cover the edge(2-3 mm) of a paper with a PVA glue and sprinkle with a gold glitter.

Cut the smal strips of paper and shape them into a sleeve. Glue the seals first and then gather them on a shoulder

It's better to use a PVA of a wood glue for this type of work, but you have to be very carefull, since the paper is very easy to rip, once it's covered with glue. Fold the big piece of paper twice and join it in a ring

make small cuta at the shoulder area, leaving extra paper on front to shape folds

Using glue and needle, attach the paper to a body, pressing paper to shape folds

make a template for wings on a separate pice of paper

Using a round nose pliers, twist the wire into a external shape of wings

Fold the silve satin tape and wrap around wire carcass, glueing it at the same time. Once the tape is dried, draw a pattern with a contour paint according to a template

attach rhinestones to an angel's head

Attach a fishline to a body, this will help us to attash wings

Sew on wings

Cut a triangle with one side surved from a foil

Shape a pipe and fold angels hands as shown on picture. You can glue the pipe for a better grip

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