Textile flower

How to make a textile flower

Kanzashi is becoming more and more popular these days. It helps you to decorate you clothes, create fancy decorations. But there aslo other ways to create textile flowers. Today I will show you how to make simple flowers from a regular cloth.

We will need following^

  • small pieces or leftovers of a glossy cloth(I've used crepe satin);
  • sewing thread of matching color;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • dressmaking pins;
  • beads or seed-beads size 5-6.

Before we start, steam-iron the fabric so it will be easier to work with it. Cut fabric into squares about 3-4 inches
cvetocket 01

and then cut out circles out of them. We will need 8 circles with a diameter 3-4 inches
заготовка для текстильного цветка

Fold it in half and then again in half. Wel'' have a quarter of a circle and fix in with a tailor pins.
cvetocket 03

make a basting stitch on the spare end of a detail and slightly pull the thread to ruffle the edge and giving it a petal shape
cvetocket 04
Fix the thread so that the edge will not get loose
cvetocket 05

Make the same for other circles
cvetocket 06

Once all our petals are ready, sew them together. First make the first layer of petals by joining four billets together, apply them all side to side and sew them with a thick seam. 
cvetocket 07

Make the same with other four billets. We now have two identical sets of petals
cvetocket 08

Place one on top of the other, in chess order, so that it makes an eight-pointed star shape and fix them with a set os small thick seams
как сшить цветок из ткани

Sew in beads in the center of or textile flower
cvetocket 10

Our flower is ready, and you can use it as a brouche or application to children's clothing. 
cvetocket final1

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