A kanzashi snowflake

kanzash snowflakeThere is only a week left, before the new year will take it's place, and everybody is preparing for it. Decorations, a Christmas tree and presents are filling our houses and minds, especially crafters. And since there are many techniques, you can and knit, crochet, sew decor elements, and make decoupage, sculpt from polymer clay. There  is no limit for a crafter's fantasy. In the last lesson we have already made kanzashi Christmas tree, and now I want to offer you to make a snowflake tsumami kanzashi for this New Year's Christmas tree. Simply follow the illustrated step by step instructions in kanzashi decoration 

This snowflake is made of satin ribbons that can be purchased at any fabric store.

  • Prepare 15 squares with satin ribbon is blue and 10 silver squares. The most convenient way to use the tape width of 5 cm
  • You will also need a small piece of tape with sparkly stripes 3 mm wide for a hanger
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • glue gun,
  • Lighter,
  • swarovsky glue crystals

If you have already read the previous lesson, then you will have not difficulties in making sharp leaves. Fold the  the blue square in half.

Fold it  in half again.

Fold the triangle the third time and cut off the excessive tape. Use the lighter to treat the edges of a petal and press them together while they are still hot, so that edges are melted together. Make 15 petals like this

Now we have to make silver "petals." They are made exactly as blue ones, but due to their size, we'll have to use tweezers to hold them. 

Cut the silver tape into small squares and fold them into a triangle

Fold it again

And finish a petal. You'll need 10 pieces of silver petals.

Using glue gun, join three blue petals into a group, by attaching two petals together and the third one on top of them, right in the junction.

Now you can start building a snowflake. To do this, glue "petals"  alternately - a sprig of blue petals and one silver


Place silver petals inside the top blue 

To make the middle of a unusual, take a piece of silver mesh,

roll it into a rouleu and fold the outer end into a flower shape. Of course I can not show you it in such a  small object, but you can practice on a towel 

Glue the "bouquet" into a center of our snowflake

Add some swarovsky glue crystals for a spark, attach a cord for a hanger and our snowflake is ready to be placed on a Christmas tree

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