Kanzashi hairbandSometimes you want to change the world around you, make it more colorful and brightful. You may change the boring brown curtains or sullen gray carpet on the floor. Or indulge in a fashion accessory or original ornament for the hair. The "tsumami kanzashi" technique allows you to create unusual hoops, barrettes, rubber bands, brooches, decorative items and Christmas gifts. The popularity of this technique is due to the absolute availability of materials at very stunning result. I propose a detailed master - class on making a hair-band tsumami kanzashi.

A kanzashi snowflake

kanzash snowflakeThere is only a week left, before the new year will take it's place, and everybody is preparing for it. Decorations, a Christmas tree and presents are filling our houses and minds, especially crafters. And since there are many techniques, you can and knit, crochet, sew decor elements, and make decoupage, sculpt from polymer clay. There  is no limit for a crafter's fantasy. In the last lesson we have already made kanzashi Christmas tree, and now I want to offer you to make a snowflake tsumami kanzashi for this New Year's Christmas tree. Simply follow the illustrated step by step instructions in kanzashi decoration 

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