How to make a necklace ribbon cord

finding finalHow to make a ribbon voile necklace cord or chain necklace

It's nice to have everything you need for your beading and jewelry in the nearest craft store, but sometimes you just need to make something unusual to match your project. And one of the tings that ou might want to make yourself is the necklace ribbon cord. 
You will need

  • a voile or a satin ribbon
  • beading cord of a matching colors
  • 2 cord crimps
  • 2 jumprings
  • clasp (I've used a lobster claw clasp)
  • thin-nose pliers

finding 01

Measure the required lenth from a voile band and 4 lengths from a beading cord. Fold the cord in 4 and place the cord ends together
finding 02

place the bunch into the crimp and secure is on one side of a crimp
finding 03

Secure the seond half of a crimp. Make sure that the socd is securely locked
finding 04

Open the jumprigh by pulling it's ends sideways, as shown on the photo below
finding 05

Insert the jumpring into the crimp and the clasp and connect the ends of a ring
finding 06

Place an extention chain on the other side of a cord
finding 07

Now you can place a pendant on a necklace cord.
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