A Calico necklace

boho style necklase with polimer clay beadsBoho style Calico necklace made of polymeric clay beads

I had a tutoral on the polymeric clay beads recently, on Calico beads and today is the best day to gather al of them into a nice boho necklace. Since the bead design resemples the printed cotton, we will stick to the style and just add a bit of a cotton or linen vintage lace band

We will need lace band, antique bronse or brass bead caps, beading wire, crimps for wire and the bands
sitec 22

Thread the beads on a cord, separating them by bead caps. Place a crimp bead on a cord before placing the bang crimp and secure the cord by threading a cord again through the crimp bead and press it with pliers. 
sitec 24

The remaining cord is then threaded into the necklace for 1-2 beads and then cut off as close to the bead as possiblesitec 25

Now the only thing is left for us is to measure the necessary length of a lace band. At this stabe you can use your imagination and decide if you need a lond necklace as one single piece or you need ties on it. Insert the band into the cripms and press them with pliers.
sitec 26

The necklace is ready
sitec 27


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