Easter felt decoration

Пасхальное украшение сделаное в технике фелтингаFelted easter decoration

Fleting is one of the ways to create an original elements for your house decor. And it's also a good way to teach children to craft. You can make a nice garland for Easter.
You will need the following tools and materials

  • soft 1 mm thick felt cloth - yellow, purple and peach colors
  • felt wool - green, pink and blue colors 
  • decorative buttons
  • felting needle and and a felting mat
  • plastic or a cardboard template 
  • size 10 crochet thread
  • stuffing material
  • scissors and needle
  • glue

How to make an easter garland

First of all, prepare the egg template, you can make your own and cut it our of a cardboard, or print out any pattern you likefrom an internet. Also use a swirl pattern or choose another you like. Print it on a cardboard our use a plastic pattern, that are available in the scrapbooking departments
girlyanda yayca 01

To make the main detail we need a thin felt cloth, felting needle and mat, felting wool
girlyanda yayca 02

place an egg template on a cloth and mark it with a pencil.
girlyanda yayca 03

Cut out two details 
girlyanda yayca 04

Place a cloth on a mat and apply a template. Take a small amount of a wool and start felting with a needle, gently punching the needle through the wool and the cloth. With a second hand keep the template in place, make sure that is not shifted. Work thoroughly at the edges of a pattern.
girlyanda yayca 05

Once the design is made completely, carefully remove the template and the detail off the mat
girlyanda yayca 06

Do the same with yellow and peach colored felt cloth, choose the contrasting wool. 
girlyanda yayca 07

Worh with other "eggs" to get the matching design.  
girlyanda yayca 08

Use buttons to decorate the elements, choose the colors that match the felted wool. Sew in the buttons
girlyanda yayca 09

Take the size 10 crochet thread that match the colors of the felt wool. We have to make stitches invisible
girlyanda yayca 10


To make a cord, that will keep the garland together, join three threads and measure at least 2 meters. This length will be enough to make 50 cm garland, since we have to fold the thread 2 more times. To make a bigger ganrland just multiply the required lenght on 4, that will be a beginning number 
girlyanda yayca 11

Fold the yarn in two and secure the middle ot the thread, f.e. using a door handle, twist the skein until is it firm. Carefully remove the other side of a skein and fold in tn two again. Holding the ends, let the cord spin by itself into the rope 
girlyanda yayca 12


Place the plain egg details on a working surface and using a hot glue gun, glue in the rope to the details
girlyanda yayca 13

Make the same for other for tother details 
girlyanda yayca 14

Cut out the eggs from a cloth sintepone slightly smaller than egg elements girlyanda yayca 15

glue in the sintepone on each of the details 
girlyanda yayca 16

Place the detail with decoration on the matching color and sew in with a blanket stitch 
girlyanda yayca 17

girlyanda yayca 18

Under the last egg, we should have a long skein of yarn, that we can use for a tassel. Spin it around your fingers as shown on photo
girlyanda yayca 19

wrap your fingers 3-4 times, leaving about 2 inches left from the last egg element. Tie a knot with a set of three threads 
girlyanda yayca 20

Cut the excessive thread, keeping the knot inside the tassle, make another knot about 1 cm lower
girlyanda yayca 21

Cut the other side of a tassle
girlyanda yayca 23

The easter garland is ready
girlyanda yayca final

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