Koala needle-felted brooch

how to needle felt a brooch koalaNeedle felted Koala brooch

Never!!!! Never let your kids touch your computer!! I've left it unattended for ten minutes and one of the results I had is a desktop picture  with smiling koala. And looking at it's face I could not resist and started needle felting a little brooch with this cute animal. And here is the tutorial on it.

We will need 
- felting foam pad
- white, beige and gray felting wool
- black sewing thread
- felting needles
- 3 mm round black beads (2 pieces)
- scissors
- sintepon
- needle
- pinback

We start with felinting the groundwork of our brooch and make a head of koala, it should be round, with flat back side and convex for the muzzle

 koala 01

koala 02

felt ears separately

koala 03

felt in the sapre ends of ears to the future head
koala 04

koala 05

make concavity on ears. the foundation is ready and we now must decorate it
koala 06

Using gray wool, work with a needle the whole suface of a head, leaving the ears's concavity intact

koala 08

Using a black wool, make a tiny nose, it should slightly bulge above the surface
koala 09

sew in beads on eyes. You can also felf a little bit of beige wool before sewing the beads, creating eyelids. Leave the thread on the back side of a work, do not cut the thread
koala 10

Sew in the pinback. I did not have a proper one, since as I mentioned above, the idea to make a brooch was a sudden one, so I had no chance to shop in LYS for proper findings

koala 11

Add more gray thread over the pinback and carefully felt it in to hide the thread and fix the pin
koala 12

Using beige wool, fill in the ears and refine the eye area

koala 13

add a hint of white wool for the chin

koala 14

The final touch is to fluff the surface with a needle with opposite section, leaving te eyes and nose unaffected

koala 15

The needle felted koala brooch is ready. Do I have to mention, that it was immediately confiscated by my daughter? And now I have to make another three for her best friends. 

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