How to make a Smilie keyring

smilie key ringEmbroidery on plastic canva's tutorial.

Emoticons are integrating into our live. Chat or social network, they are everywhere. I won't be surprised if one day they will be allowed in a business correspondence. And carrying one with you is not a bad idea, if you are in a bad mood, just take a look at your key ring and smile. And that is what I'm going to make today and show you how to make an embroidered smilie keyring on a plastic canvas
I've used this crossstitch pattern, that requires only four colors
smilik pattern

smilik 01

 The plastic canva will be solid enought to carry the strain that usually has a key king and it is ideal for the cross stich.

The smile is very easy to make, the rear side of it is just a plain yellow circle with black border.
Do the black thread first. Make stitches in one direction and then fill the stitches in the other side.
smilik 02

smilik 03

Use a yellow thread to fill in the area with a crosstitch.
smilik 04

Complete the emroidery with red and yellow.
smilik 05

Do the same for the rear side but with black and yellow only. 
smilik 06

Once you finish with the needle work, remove the extra canvas, just as shown on a picture. Make sure that both sides match, you can cut out the first detail and use it as a template for the second part
smilik 07

Fold the pieces together with the inner sides in. make a small loop for the cord on top of the pendant. and sew in the details together. You can use a running stitch or a backstitch to join details together
smilik 08

Attach a cord to a pendant with a crab-lock. The smilie keyring is ready
smilik 09

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