Lavender sachet

cross-stitched sachet with a lavenderLavender sachet with embroidery

Sachet is a small clothbag that is filled with natural fragrances - dried herbs, fruits and spices. It is traditionally used in drawers and wardrobes, placed in cars and kitchens to aromatize, ir even used as an aromathrapy for insomnia, filling it with valerian herb and placing it under the pillow.  And in our hands to make it nice and elegants, so let's make an emroidery with the according picture!

I decided to fill the sachet both in and outside with lavender and for this tutorial we need:
- Aida 14 canvas;
- cotton floss: purple, lilac, two shades of green, two shades of gray and black
- embroidery needle
- tambour
- crochet hook 2 mm
- dried lavender;
- scissors
sache 01

We will use this pattern to make our sachet.
схема вышивки корзинка с лавандой

Place aida cloth into tambour and secure it 
Using the pattern, start emroidery with both shades of green for stems and  leaves. 

sache 02

Using two shades of green, work on a basket
sache 03

and at last complete the embroidery with lavender
sache 04

Add a backstitch around the basket with a black thread. The embroidery part is over. 
On the piece with a basket, measure a rectangle with 8 cm on a narrow side and 24 cm, keeping the lavender basket on the right side of a work. It should be on the above the fold line

sache 05

Using a crochet hook, work with a double (single) crochet stitch over the long edge, joining both parts of a sachet together. To protect fabric from spawling, make each even stitch longer, by inserting hook into the hole one row lower that odd ones. 
sache 06

Repeat for the other side

On the top of a sachet work with dc, but this time only with single layer of aida, around the opening. Once finished, secure the thread
sache 07

The sachet is almost ready, now we have to put in ties, using a needle and a floss folded twice, with a running stitch, through the each side of a sachet, make knots to prevent the ties from running out
sache 08

Fill the sachet with a dried lavender, you can also add some aroma oil .
sache final

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