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christmas tou decoupage Christmas bauble with decoupage

 A decoupage technique is very popular among women today. For those who heard of it for the first time - it's sticking tissue to the desired  surface. It may be  anything, and you can decorate the kitchen small items - boards, tea boxes, candles and decoration of vases, even a furniture, anything that needs improvement. As of today, in anticipation of the new year, we willbmake a Christmas toy that you can hang on your tree or give this handmade ball to your friends. I'll make Christmas decorations with my kids, this lesson perfectly unites, and the whole process makes it much more interesting to prepare for the new year, knowing that they participated in creating a festive mood

So, in order to make New Year's gift in 2012 with his own hands, we will need

  • Transparent plastic ball, consisting of two halves
  • acrylic paint
  • Acrylic primer 
  • craquelure varnish
  • Cloth with a suitable pattern on the subject. We found a funny snowman

Take the napkins element, which will be the background of our ball, carefully split it with a brush and water, loose tissue in the lower two layers, leaving a patterned top. We will glue this layer to a toy inner surface.

Pour a little glue On the inner side of the ball , distribute it over the surface of both halves,

Accurately place a tissue with a right side on the pastic, pour some more glue and quickly fluff, avoiding wrinkles on a napkin. Proceed with a second half of the ball and leave if to dry out. Once the glue is completely dry, cover the open spaces with a craquelure varnish, so that it creates a nice effect of cracking pattern. First, with rapid movements of the brush paint over the internal surface of a ball with a craquelure laque, let it dry and cover with an acrylic white paint. We need the last step to  get beautiful cracks. To make the picture itself more vivid, paint with white acrylic the napkin. Using a band or a piece of thread, make a loop and koing two halfec of the ball together.

Now you can decorate the outer of the toy, by covering it witha a faux snow or a glitter varnish. The new tow, that was made ourselfs is ready to decorate our Christmas tree

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