Crocheted Easter egg bag

Чехольчик для яйца, связаный крючкомHow to make a crocheted Easter egg bag.

Easter is a great chance to meet all the family members. But it is also a great way to use all of the little yarn leftovers, that every crocheter has. So today I'm going to show you how to make a crocheted easter egg lace bag.

For this tutorial I've used:

  • size 10 or 8 lace thread  in two colors (I've taken green and yellow)
  • crochet hook1.25 mm.
  • thin satin ribbon

cheholchik1 01

I've used this crochet pattern to make an Easter egg lace bag, but you can use any other you like. It can be  a center of a lace doily for example 
Easter egg crochet lace bag pattern

This pattern is very simple and does not require any special knowledge. The work is started in the central flower and then worked in circle without turning the work. Let's start with it. Using a yellow thread, make 8 chains and loop in a circle with a slipstitch into first chain
cheholchik1 02

This is the center of a flower and now we have to make petals that are made with a puff stitch or  a set of double treble clusters. Make 6 clusters with 4 double treble stitch and 5 chains. In the last set of chains make only 2 chains and a treble into the top of the first cluster. This is requiret to remain in the middle of a chain, where our pattern continues
cheholchik1 03

Add a green yarn. Secure the yellow thread and use it as a padding cord for 3-4 cm while working with a green one. This will help you to fix it inside the work. Follow the pattern. Make sure that you do double trebles on the poles of a work, this way we are shaping the egg bag. 
cheholchik1 04

cheholchik1 05

The last row is performed with a yellow yarn again
cheholchik1 06

cheholchik1 07

If the size of a bag is smaller than egg, make another row of fillet mesh
cheholchik1 08

Make a seond part of a bag. Join it with a thin satin bagНеобходимо связать две половинки будущего чехольчика. Соединяются они с помощью тонкой атласной ленты, шириной 3-5 мм.
cheholchik1 09

Place an egg inside the easter egg lace bag and tie a bow. 
cheholchik1 final
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