A dress for Kelly

A crocheted dress for KellyA crochet dress for Kelly doll

Anyone who has a daughter know how much space takes a doll house with it's inhabitants and how many clothes little girls want to have for their dolls. And it is in our hands to participate in a dolls wardrobe. And today we are going to mak a dress for Kelly-like doll. There are many variations of this little plastic girl, they are also called Shelly, Marinka, Polinka, Evy. They slightly differ in shapes but it does not reallty make a big problem when it comes to clothing. 

Since my daughter treasures her doll house and does not allow to experiment with them, I just walked to the nearest to the workshop store and bought a nameless doll that will be perfect for our lessons. To start with a tailoring, we will make a simple sarafan with lush, lace skirt
kukla 04

I've used merserized cotton sie 10, it gives a shine effect in a final garment, and a 1 mm crochet hook. The sarafan will be fastening on the back with a velcro tape or a button, upon your choice
kukla 01

Using the pattern below, make a bodice. The chain will locate on a waist and the work is done in both directions from it, and the chains on the third row are the shoulder straps. You can change their amount, if the strap is short, try it on a doll forst, before continue the rest of a row.

the pattern uses following charts - chain stitch, double (american Single crochet), Treble (american double crochet)

kukla 02

The skirt part is done in circle use the Pattern #2
kukla 03

It takes about an hour to make a dress for a small doll. All we have to do now is to hide all the ends, sew in velcro
kukla 05

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