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Baby booties if the perfect present for the mothers-to-be and today we are going to make one fancy pair of booties with straps. For this tutorial I have used:
Yarnart Jeans yarn, but you can use any 50% cotton, 50% acrylic thread with yardage 160 m / 50 gr per skein. I used an orange and white colors, crochet hook to match yarn, I prefer to use size 3 mm hook, beads and, scissors and a tapestry needle

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W will be using 2 patterns for the booties, the first one is for the sole, the other one is a pattern for the body
ryjiye pinetki schema1


ryjiye pinetki schema2
Start with 17 chains
ryjiye pinetki 02

Follow the pattern and make 2 chains and trebles (double in american terms) into each stitch of 17 chains. You can use a leftofer tail as a padding cord, securing it at the same time. I've shown, how it looks from the wrong side
ryjiye pinetki 03

It makes 44 trebles(dc) in total. Finish the row with a slipstitch
ryjiye pinetki 04

2nd row: make 3 chains and two trebles(doubles) into the same stitch twice(4 trebles from 2 stitches) 7 trebles, 1 hald treble(half double ) 10 dc (10 single crochet) *two doubles(singles) into the same stitch* repeat twice, 10 dc (singles), 1 hald treble(half double ), 7 trebles, two trebles(doubles) into the same stitch twice(4 trebles from 2 stitches). Make a slipstitch into the third chain
ryjiye pinetki 05

The last row of a sole use a pattern and work with trebles(doubles)
ryjiye pinetki 06

Now we are ready to make the upper part of booties, and this row is done with a trebles(doubles) but this time make stitches into a back half a stitch of a previous row
ryjiye pinetki 07

ryjiye pinetki 08

Take a white yarn and make a row of shells using a secong pattern provided
ryjiye pinetki 09

Make a second white row
ryjiye pinetki 10

ryjiye pinetki 11

Switch yarn to orange again and keep making shells
ryjiye pinetki 12

ryjiye pinetki 13

Starting from the forth row of shells, we need to decrease the amount of stitches by making all shell treble stitces together
ryjiye pinetki 14

ryjiye pinetki 15

Make three evenly decrease in a row, making one at the top of a booties 
ryjiye pinetki 16

Keep on the pattern, make the same decrease in the next row
ryjiye pinetki 17

ryjiye pinetki 18

And another one
ryjiye pinetki 19

ryjiye pinetki 20

Now the decorative part. Make 15 chains and double crochets over the edge of a shoe. Continue with 15 chains, make nother 5 chains and a treble into the 15th chain
ryjiye pinetki 22

We have a opening for the button and make another 14 trebles over the chain, doubles oveer the main part of booties and another 15 trebles on a chains. Finish oss with 5 chains, slipstitich to shape a buttonhole. Finish off the work and hide the spare ends
ryjiye pinetki 23

Sew in the buttons and faster shoe straps
ryjiye pinetki 24

Our fancy baby booties with straps are ready
ryjiye pinetki finl

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