Santa toy

Santa crochet toy
This lovely Santa can b used as a Christmas tree decoration, napkin holder, bookmark, part of a scrapbooking or any other decorative element. 
We will need folowing:
  • Size 10 thread (i've used Violet Yarnart and Maxi Madam Tricote) - thre colors white, tan and red
  • 3 mm round beads
  • 8 mm white bead
  • Crochet hook  1 mm
  • Tapestry needle that will fit holes in beads
I'll be using english crochet terms, with american term in brackets so plase be carefull
Using white thread make 5 chain stitches and close them in circle with a slipstitich into a first chain. Make 4 more chains
make 14 triple trebles( trebles) into a circle
Add on a tan colored thread and make another 7 triple treble (treble) stitches 
Turn the work and make 2 trebles (double crochet) into each stitch of a previous row = 16 stitches. The first stitch is substituted by 3 chains
In the last stitch, grag the white thread from a previous row and make a last stitch with two threads
Now you can cut the tan thread leaving about 3 inches long tail. Close the tan loop and continue working with white thread. The rest of a row is made of 4 treble (dc) cluster and a chainstitch into each stitch of a previous row. At the same time ise a spare ends of a tan thread as a padding cord and work over in as well. THis wil save you time on hiding ends
make a cluster of 4 trebles (double crochet) and make a chain
Continue till the end of a row. We have ended with 13 clusters, finish a row with a slipstitch 
Do 1 chain and continue work with double crochet ( single crochet) For the second row of a beard, make 3 chain, picot and 3 treble(double) cluster
Repeat the follow the same pattern - chain, picot, cluster of 4 stitches. Repeat 13 times
For the last make the same but only 3 treble(double) cluster, 3 chains and a slipstitch into the the first stitch of a row
Cut white thread leaving about 3 inches long and bind off. Thread on a white bead on a red yarn and make a spilstitch. 
Continue working with red yarn and made dc(single) over the slipstitch that is left of white yarn. 1 chain and 6 dc (single). Next, do 2 doubles (singles) into the same stitch. Use the yarn tails as a padding cord, 
do another 5 dc (ss) cut the spare ends and make 2 dc together. This way we already started shaping Santa's hat 
Turn, 1 chain and dc till the end of a row. Last two stitches crochet together. Continue until you end up with only 2 stitches. The next row should be done on a wrong side of a work, although it can hadly be called wrong since we get the nice curly beard on that side and it will be face! 
Make 3 chains, s treble (double), and use a bead in a yarnover. We now have a pompom ready.
Since size 10 thread is very hard twisted yarn, it also spins while you work on it and nw we have to relase tension. Otherwise the hanging loop will twist anr twirl. So loosen the working loop a bit and let the motif hang free for a while or until thread streghtens. Now we can make 40-50 chains and male a loop with a slipstitch on the top of Santa's hat. Another 3 chains and a slipstitch to bind of. This is how it should look from a back side
Fix the tread and now we are ready to start Santa's face. Using pointing and middle fingers, make 10 spins of white yarn
Remove them carefully and make simple macrame knots in the middle. Leave about  10 inches long tail.
Using a tapestry needle, sew in mustache to the center of a motif, hiding a hole. Mind the side of a motif, we need a curly side of clusters on face! 
Sew in black beads as eyes
Our Santa is ready. By changing hat colors you can also make Father Frost (blue) and gnomes (green)

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