Majesto crocheted scarf

 A scarf made of Majesto Kartopu yarn

Last week I bought a new fancy yarn from Kartopy. It is pretty similar to Alize Dantela, but the length of a ribbon is mush smaller due to fur-like edging, so the knitted version of a scarf can hardly be done. And the crochet version of it is the best choice. And today I'll show you how to crochet any type of yarn like this, including Dantela, Tulle Belle and others

So we need 1 skein of Majesto Kartopu and size 3 mm crochet hook. Since the yarn itself is a band with mesh, the edge of it has loops, which will be used as a stitch. Insert the hook into the first three, just like you make a yarn-over

Pull the last loop through the second and first. We made a first stitch

"cast" on another two loops and pull the last one through the other two, repeat till the end of skein

This is how your work should look like on a wrong side after four stitches on 

and on the right side

Once the work is over, use a sewing needle and a matching color thread and sew the end to a last stitch.

Our scafr from one skein of Majesto is ready to wear

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