Crocheted reticule

Мешочек-думочка связаный крючкомHow to crochet a reticule.

There is always a problem to choose a present for a person you love, especially if you are togerther for quite a lot of time. All the bits and pieces for your couple's hobby and little cute things have already been gifted, but there is a big deisre to make something special on anniversary? Here is where our crochet skills are for!!! We can make a small handbag full of confessions and nice words. You can write a love poetry or something about your special moments and thoughts, and pull them out one a day. And also, you can use this bag as a nice reticule, just add a lining to it.  We will need the folowing:

  • dark and light blue yarn, preferrably Perle 5 
  • crochet hook size 1.6 mm or the one to match your yarn
  • fire poished or round beads – pieces.

We'll be using this crochet pattern for our bag

Start with a flower in the center. Generally it is a classical irish rose, so if you know how to do it, skip the next 5 steps.

Make 7 chains and 1 slipstitch in a first chain to make a ring 

meshochek 02
The first row starts with 3 chains and 23 treble stitches into the ring. Finish the row with a slipstitch
meshochek 03
The second row: 4 chains and dc nto the thirs stitch of a previous row. Again 3 chains and dc into the next third stitch, and so on 7 times. 
meshochek 04
We have a circle with 8 loops around it. Do into each loop the following: 1 dc, 1 half-treble, 2 trebles, 1 half-treble, 1 dc. 

meshochek 05
Now we can shift to a next pattern, do 5 chains and a wrapping double crochet around the base of petals
meshochek 06

meshochek 07
Just like wit first set of petals, do 1 dc, 1 half-treble, 4 trebles, 1 ht, 1 dc
meshochek 08
And the thrist set of petals using the following rythm - 6 chains, wrappng DC, and  5 trebles instead of 4 
Now take the dark-blue yarn and start crocheting looks of 5 chains, and attacing them to the beginning and the end of a petals with a dc, as show on the drawing, the last arch is made of 2 chains and 1 treble. This will help us to move the next row
meshochek 09
Follow the pattern, I preferred to do it without a picot
meshochek 10

meshochek 11

meshochek 12

The mesh around the flower is finished, and we again return to the light-blue yarn and  starting from one of the corners, do 5 trebles into each loop, and 3 trebles-2 chain-3 trebles into corners
meshochek 13
make 1 row of trebles on one side of the details, second row a fillet mesh with 1 chain, and repeat row 1
meshochek 14
To make a fancy ruffle on the edge, make 5 chains and a picot into the third stitch
meshochek 15
2 chains and 2 dc into the fourth stitch 
meshochek 16
make the second part of a bag identically, and once finished, join them together with a dc on three sides of details
meshochek 17
Also, we will need a tie for this bag. make a string of chains that is long enough to ft into a bag and make ties. Attach beads to ends and pull the "rope"  though the fillet mesh.
meshochek 18

The retticule is ready
meshochek 19

Now we have to make scrolls. We will need paper and yarn of a matching color
meshochek 20
Print out your pastorals, cut them into separate pieces. Using a pencil, shape scrolls and tie them with a yarn.
meshochek 21

meshochek 22
Place scrolls into a reticule. Now our present is ready. You can make a covenant to get one a day, and keep adding them, so you never run out of kind words to you beloved one
meshochek final

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