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Cake earrings

серьги из полимерной глины в виде пирожногоPolymer clay earrings

Today we are going to make earring sets made in a food clay art style. 

Food clay art is one of the most popular clay modeling styles, since using such an universal and easy to use material as a polymer clay gives you a great freedom to create anything that looks so edible!! And that is what we are going to make now. We will need the following tools and materials:

  • white, pink, red and brown Cernit clay
  • blade or a paper knife
  • Sculpey clay softener (gel);
  • fruit clay canes ( made separately, more tutorials later);
  • Roller or a pasta machine;
  • 4 cm round cutter;
  • needle and toothpicks;
  • crepe paper;
  • eye pins, ear hook wire, round nose pliers;
  • polymer clay varnish.

sergi pirojnoye 01

For this lesson wie are using fruit canes that I had done earlier, but have not made a tutorial yet, so stay in touch for updates of this lesson.
So to start with soften clay of our main colors and roll it into 5 mm thick pieces. Using a cutter, make workpieces sergi pirojnoye 02

stack them together and cut into 8 equal pieces, just like we would cut an ordinary cake
sergi pirojnoye 03

insert a toothpick into the rounded part and using another toothpick scarify the surface to give our details the structure of a real bisquit cake
sergi pirojnoye 04

Remove the toothpick and insert a eye pin, keeping the eye inside the clay
sergi pirojnoye 05

To prepare the cream, use a clay thinner: warm up the clay in your hands until it reaches maximum of elasticity, add a few drops of a liquid clay and mix with your hands. Your clay should look like a chewing gumsergi pirojnoye 07

Place a clay into a jar and add a luquid clay, mix until reaches the concictency of a toothpaste
sergi pirojnoye 08

sergi pirojnoye 09

Apply "cream" to the top and round edge of a detail, using a toothick pull the clay on the other edges to create drips. You can alsщ use a syringe to apply this soft clay, just make cuts on it's nose like on a cooking bag
sergi pirojnoye 10

Slice the fruit cames and decorate the surface of or cakes
sergi pirojnoye 11

As you can see from photo, I've made clay cream with different colors. If you have a leftover clay left, you can store it in a sealed container for 6 months. Place elements in oven for baking
sergi pirojnoye 12

Once the baking isover, apply a thin layer of clay varnish, avoiding the bicquit sides. Using a round nose pliers make a loop and attach fish-hook ear wire
sergi pirojnoye final

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