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polymer clay mozaic beadsMozaic beads "Candies"

In this tutorial I want to show you how to make bright beads that imitate the structure of a fractured colored glass, that is used for traditional mozaics that decorate walls. But we will make a necklace with beads made from polymer clay.
We will need following tools and material:

  • White, yellow, pink, light and dark blue colored polymer clay
  • a glass or acrylic surface
  • paper knife
  • pasta machine or an acrylic roller
  • toothpicks and foil for baking beads
  • cutter 
  • polymer clay varnish

mozaika 01

 Before we start to make beads, knead clay to warm it up and make it smoother to sculpt.Shape little rods of yellow, pink, and both shades of blue
mozaika 02

Using pasta machine on mediu,m thickness, make clay sheets and  roll white clay and wrap each rod of colored clay
mozaika 03

stick the canes together and reduce the cane
mozaika 04

Cut the cone in half
mozaika 05

Press the white clay through a pasta machine on a medium and cover one of the cuts. Join both parts together and shape a cane
mozaika 06

Cut the cane at a different angle
mozaika 07

Cover the cut with a white clay and return the removed part to it's place again
mozaika 08

ow cut a bit of the edge and again, cover the cut on a bigger cane with a white clay and attach a removed top to an oppisite part of a cane
mozaika 09

mozaika 10

mozaika 11

Keep on cutting and folding the parst of a cane, placing white clay sheets between the layers. Make sure that colors do not repeated and create a stained glass effect.
mozaika 12

mozaika 13

Once the cane is completed, reduce the cane to needed width. place the cane into a cling-film and leave it in a fridge for cooling down for 10-15 minutes
mozaika 14

Using a left-over clay from previous projects, roll beads. You can use a pasta mashine and a cutter to make sure that all the beads will be of the same size - just pile the same amount of cutted sheets for each bead.
remove the candy cane from the fridge. It is now cold enough to be cut easily and without deformation. Using a paper knife make slices from cane and wrap the beads with the mozaic pieces. Roll te beads untill it is all smooth and round
mozaika 15

Make holes in beads, place them on a toothpicks and bake them in the over, using the settings provided by a clay manufacturer
mozaika 16

Once beads are cooled down, degrease the surface and cover them with lacquer.

The beads now can be used in a necklace upon your taste
mozaika2 17

Будьте индивидуальны.

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