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Calico cane

calico cane beads from polymer clayBeads made from calico polymer clay canes

What is the best thing about polymer clay, is that you can create any pattern you like and need to match your requirements. I love the Boho and shabby chic styles that requires floral patterns or old calico prints. And today I'm going to make a cane for beads.
What I need is a polymer clay with different shades of red, white and a little bit of oak-green 
sitec 01

Use a pasta machine or acryllic roller to get a nice smooth color change

sitec 02

Now you can fold there tapes anyway you like
sitec 03

But I prefer to roll a small cane with twisted colors
sitec 04

Now roll this block in a pasta machine again and cut into stripes of the same length and width. As you can see, the stripes have kept the marble effect
sitec 05

Roll a white or cream colores clay and cut the stripes. They should not match the red ones and can be of different width.
sitec 06

We are ready to gather the millefiory cane. I've decided to make a clove so we have to make a fluffy flower. Place the red and white stripes of clay as shown on photo, make sure that red "petals" are joined only on one end

sitec 07

Keep adding up layers until we get enough petals 
sitec 08

Now we have to make a calyx and sepals. Take the oak-green clay and make to stripes, place them at the base of a flower to form a sepals
sitec 09

the round bar at the base will be the calyx. Add another long stripe for the stem and fix it with the whit clay
sitec 10

Make a leaf, surrounding it with bars of clay with a main color
sitec 11

To finish off the cane, add more clay and wrap it with a sheet of a main clay to shape a circle
sitec 12

It is very easy to roll a cane once iwe get a nice circle. I've decided, that my beads should have small flowers, so I added more white clay for a background, but you can stop at this level if you ned a big flower on your cane
sitec 13

Now carefully roll and stretch the cane until your 4 cm cane is rolled into 5 mm 

sitec 14

That we cut into equal bars and fold them together, Here I've used bars with different size so the flowers on the final cane will turn out more calico like 
sitec 15

Roll this cane again and we now almost done with it
sitec 16

Take the clay for the bead and roll it into a ball 
sitec 17

using a very sharp knife cut the slices 
sitec 18

And place it on a bead
sitec 19

roll the bead in hands to get a round shape and bake the beads
Once the beads are baked, we need to polish it. Using the finest sand paper smooth and polish all beads
sitec 20

Drill a hole in beads 
sitec 21

Of course you can make a hole in it before the baking, but I prefer to make it after. Beads are ready and you can make necklace

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