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Valentine Teddy bear magnet

teddy_previewEvery one of us wants to make something special to our beloved for the Saint Valentine's day. Teddy's hearts, lovely cards and so on, name it and it is in the list. And even though that shops are abound with any types of cuddly Valentine Teddy bears, I prefer to make one myself. Or should I say my daughter, since it it was her idea to make a fridge magnet for her father. 

To make this magnet, you need the following tools and materials

  • brown, beige and red polymer clay
  • A set of molds from Sculpey 
  • Black acrylic contour paint
  • Pasta machine
  • toothpick or a needle
  • Acrylic glitter paint, 
  • a thin brush
  • a stripe of a band magnet
  • glue

Before you start, make a sketch of the future magnet, just to amke shure which body parts have to me made. I've made this one, but during the process the design has changed upon desire of my little crafter

Roll a brown clay using a pasta mashine into a piece with the maximum thickness

sprinckle with water. This will prevent the clay srom sticking into the molds. Using a biggest mold, cut out the head. I did not have a mold of a proper size, I've used a cup from a liquid detergent instead. Just slightly squeese it to shape tn into oval

Using a smaller molds, cut out two ears

And using the same mold cut out the piece of the ear, to shape it as a srinking moon

Attach ears to head as shown on the picture

With the very same cup cut out the body of the bear

For the neck, chop off the extra on one side so that it matches the shape of a head

Use small oval template to make paws

And assemle all parts together, as shown in picture below

Roll out a beige clay on a pasta machine, making it twice as thinner as a body parts. Using oval mold, cut out a muzzle and a belly parts

Place it on a head

Stretch the belly part slightly and attach a clay piece to a body

Using a toothpick or a needle prick the whole figure. This will create a texture that imitates bear's fur

Roll out a red clay and cut a heart with appropriate template

Check where the clay heart should be placed and set it aside for a while

Now we have to make paws using a tear-drop shape

Place them on a teddy's body, prick it all over with a needle and finally place a heart. Our Teddy is almost ready, there are only few touch-up steps left

Using a contour, draw eyew

nose, mouth and claws of our bear

Using a thin brusk, apply a glitter paint on a heart. Set the toy into oven to bake, as recomended on the polymer clay instruction

Once the toy is baked and cooled down, glue a magnet stripe on the back. The lovely Valentine Teddy Bear is ready to give you his heart!

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