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Chrismas decorations - A Snowmaiden

Snowmaiden christmas decoration toySnegurochka


We continue to make Christmas decorations from polymer clay. The last time we did an angel and elegant Christmas tree, and today we have to make some extraordinary toy, Snegurochka, Snow Maiden, a girl from russian fairy-tales. Upon one legend she is a grand-daughter of Father Frost, upon the other - she is a daughter of Frost and Spring. Beatiful as a spring, with skin as white as a snow, she was the cutiest girl in the village, but her heart was cold as ice. Only when she she lost a love of her friend Lel', she fell in love with him and melted from a heat of the feelings. It is a tradition to place her figure inder the Christmas tree, next to a Father Frost(we will make him in a next lesson). This couple is a main symbol of the New Year. But who forbids us on making a toy that can be placed on a tree? 

Snegurochka with her mother Spring(right) and father Frost(left)

Snegurochka fairy tale

To make the Snowmaid, we w'll need the following:

  • blue polymer clay
  • White clay
  • Pale pink clay
  • yellow clay
  • Acrylic paint "metallic"
  • Office knife
  • a thin brush
  • acrylic roller pin
  • Acrylic paint red
  • Pink pastel pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • small round shaped cutter or cap
  • Cotton Buds
  • A piece of glass
  • Black acrylic contour paint
  • toothpick
  • cling-film

Since I did not have soft blue color, I'll do it myself. Mix one part of a "sea wave" color with two parts white clay.

Knead the clay until it reaches the even color.

Roll the blue clay into a ball an roll out into an thin oval using the acrylic roller pin. You can make in in a shape of a parabola if you have a ruler with algebraic templates. Cut a paper pattern of the trunk, and place the template on a clay. You may need to press it a bit so it does not move for the next step

Cut out the trunk using a paper or office knife. Cut ofа the top of the figure

Roll out the delicate pink plastic clay and cut out the circle using a shapes of a cap. Do not forget to place a cling film   cap or a boat and cut a circle. If you are using a cap, do not forget the plastic must cover with cling film so that the material does not stick into the mold.

Attach the head to the body and roll slightly with a roller pin. The head should take a slight oval shape and securely attached to a trunk

Sharpen a pink pastel pencil on paper

Using a cotton swab pick up a pink dust and and rub it into doll's cheeks, blending thoroughly.

Take the leftovers of a blue clay, make a small ball and press it with a glass. Cut the circle in two halves. One of them will be a hat of our Snow beauty. Place in on the head and roll with a pin slighlty so it sticks to a surface

Take the white clay and rolls a thin cord. While the clay is still warm from the burning heat of your hands, you need to turn it in half and twist in the spiral, using your hands solely

Roll another rope in the opposite direction - it is very important, otherwise we can not lay out a pattern. Now connect the two sides together as shown in the photo.

As a result we'll get a pattern that imitates the aran cable patterns. Place this "collar" on the cap, cut the excess ends and stick it to the sides.

Treat the collar and a coat's edge as well

We are now ready to make hair of a Snowmaid. Roll thin yellow "sausage" and turn into spirals

And place it on a forehead to make a curly fringe

With a toothpick shape eyes and put some black acrylic contour paint

Make a braid as shown above, or make a real plait. 

And attach a plait, joining to a coat with a toothpick

Roll a thin blue rope and cut it into two equal parts. This will be the hands of our Maiden.

Place them on a trunk. Take the glass and slightly press down arms of a Maiden. Make more pressure at shoulder's area, to make arms wider and anatomycially correct.

Take a white clay and roll a tiby ball. Cut in in two and mave a small V shape cut, to make a mitten with a thumb

Place mittens on a coat, connecting to arms

Using another small ball of white clay, we'll make a pompom. Anchoring it to the cap and make a fluffy look with a toothpick

Using a toothpick, shape a mouth and mark it with pink dust of pastel pencil

With a thin brush and silver metallic scrylis paint create a snowflake pattern over the coat, mittens and a hat 

Set the toy into oven to bake. After the polymerization is over, add a small touch or red paint on lips. Our Snowmaiden is ready!

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