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Christmas tree from a polymer clay

handmade cristmas treechristmas tree


I continue to publish lessons on how to make Christmas decorations from a polimer clay with you own hands. And today is a turn of a tree itself!!! This tiny toy will make a great decoration for your Christmas tree 

In order to make a beautiful toy from polymer clay, we will need the following:
Polimer clay with green, red, yellow, blue and gold colors
Acrylic "metal" paints
Blade knife or a paper knife
Figured wavy knife
Toothpick or needle
a thin brush
Stamp star

To begin with, knead the clay thoroughly into a green ball roll out of it, clay should be very soft and pliable - only then you will be able to roll the cake out of it with a rolling pin.

 Using the figure blade knife to cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. 

Mash the yellow plastic, roll out a small pancake out of it. Using a paper knife cut out the polygon, as shown on photo.

This is our future presents box. With a razor blade mark out the "edges" of a box, attach it to the bottom corner of the tree.

Take the red polymer clay and roll out of her delicate plait.

We'll use them to "draw" the facettes of a box, placing the bundles in the grooves with a toothpick.

Thinner bundles will imitate a decorative band on a present. Cut the clay plaits into two miniature pieces of plastic and shape two drops. Place a drop on the box where the bow should be.

Cut two more pieces of the red rope, roll it between fingers into balls, and push them to the work surface using a piece of glass.  We'll get the tiny decorations for our Christmas trees.

Let's roll up the red and white bundles of roughly equal size.

kink the two strands together and roll several times on the work surface in one direction to remove the air bubles.Cut the white and red plait into several pieces, and bend it in the form of a candy. Place candies and decorations on a tree, using a needle in a chaotic manner, just as you'd decorate a real tree.

Make some blue balls just like the red ones. Now you need a gold-colored plastic. Roll it up  to a long thin plait. Using a needle or toothpick, create a a bow out of is and place the bow on the tree. Roll a miniature golden ball from a plastic clay and attach it on the bow to the place of the knot, piercing it with a needle.

Now let's make a star for the Christmas tree. I have a realy rare button - with a hammer and sickle. You can use any type of a button that has a star shape on it

I've used some talcum powder to cover the button surface, so thac clay does not stick to it. Press the clay against of a button to get the print-out. Remove the button and trim the excess clay along the contour with a paper knive.

We've got a nice star with a hammer and sickle on it, which we will place at the top of the tree.

Do not worry for the soviet Symbols - it will not be seen under the layer of paintNow let's proceed with painting. Cover the star with acrylic paint, using a thin brush.

Also mark the tree contour with a silver paint. Add a few more strokes on the acrylic box, toys and Christmas tree itself.

Set the toy to the oven to bake. Once the figure is "cooked", make a small hole to fit a hanging thread. Our hand made Christmas tree decoration is ready!

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